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How to Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose with Musician Nahko Bear

Nahko Bear is a world-renowned artist, visionary, futurist, and activist on a mission to empower people to reconnect with themselves in a way that connects them to their greater environments and community through his words and music. Selling out shows across the globe, his newest album, My Name is Bear, has debuted on a number of Billboard charts and made #1 on iTunes.

In Nahko’s podcast, you will learn…

How he makes the most of his time on the road
His transformative story – healing and transmuting the wounds of his past
How he bridges the gap for communities worldwide
And so much more…

Ep:137 Why Everything on Your Path is For You with Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall is a singer/songwriter who has released multiple hit albums, collaborated with artists such as Ziggy Marley, Xavier Rudd, and Jimmy Cliff, and toured and performed around the world. Trevor’s most recent album, The Fruitful Darkness, is his first independent release — made possible entirely by his fans — which became the #1 kickstarter music campaign in 2017.

What you’ll learn in Trevor’s episode:

Why your environment shapes your perception of reality.
How to break through environmental constraints and define your own reality.
How to embrace life’s trials as medicine for your awakening.
Trevor’s daily practices/rituals that help him cultivate a growth-oriented mindset.
The true meaning and inspiration behind The Fruitful Darkness
And so much more…

Key lessons from this episode:

Your Environment Plays a Bigger Role Than You Think.

Trevor emphasized that his upbringing in South Carolina didn’t quite match his inner, intuitive being. He was told that he should want similar things as his culture–to play on the lacrosse team, to get into a good college, to eventually get married and move back to his hometown. But for Trevor, these were never his own desires, which ultimately left him feeling like he didn’t fit in.

“It’s interesting being in an environment where you don’t agree with the reality being taught to you,” he says.

Trevor’s message is that your environment can and does shape you, perhaps more than you think. That’s why it’s important to check in and ask yourself, is my environment in support of my highest self-expression? Or do I feel that my authentic self-expression is shamed, devalued, or not allowed? If the answer is the latter, it might be time to consider moving.

Like plants, we require nourishment to thrive. Others’ affects and actions towards us are our water. The collective culture we’re embedded in is our soil. When we’re supported, we grow, but when we’re not, we wilt and are a dim shade of who we could and most deeply want to be.

Spirit Will Ultimately Find a Way.

But if you’re in a situation where you can’t change your environment, don’t fret. Trevor says, “When you feel something so strongly within yourself, there’s a point where it doesn’t matter what environment you’re in. If you have a fire within you, it’s gonna find a way. When we’re in environments that don’t match, it’s almost a blessing because it’s fuel for the fire. It makes you want to reach out harder.”

Every Situation is For Your Greatest Good.

Trevor shares that the road to the accomplishments he’s achieved wasn’t always a smooth one. It’s a little-known fact that in his early years of music production, his record company rejected his music again and again. After three years of attempting to release an album, the company dropped him and he found himself with no money, no album, and no record company.

How do you recover from that? How do you find the courage within yourself to keep going in spite of others closing the door in your face?

For Trevor, the essence of a resilient mindset is the ability to see all things for what they really are — a blessing. “Every situation that comes into our lives, bad or good, is necessary for our own awakening. When we look ahead we see all these paths but when we look back we only see on path. I think it’s a matter of our perception of our path. Really there’s only one path.”

Power To The People: Catalysing A Movement Through Collaboration

Alex Ebert is best known as the lead singer and songwriter for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Beyond his accolades and musical impact, Alex is fiercely passionate about democracy and changing the way we vote and engage with things we care about. In this episode, Alex and Nick Thomas combine forces to share their collaboration and Proxy, a platform representing the people’s vote.

In Alex’s episode, you will learn…

How Alex is collaborating to positively influence the political climate
Why a ‘slow burn’ is better than the quick hit of success
Why your trust and inclusion of others is essential for greater impact
And much more…

Inquiries and Insights from Alex’s episode…

What is “unprofessionalized professionalism”?

In Ebert’s first band, Ima Robot, he became fixated with this concept of traditional professionalism and success. With his focus on conventional wisdom, Ebert lost contact with his innate instinct to make regular everyday choices for himself. It was almost as if he’d become a robot with programming that wasn’t his own. Instead of asking “what would Jesus do?” he began to think back to his childhood and ask what he’d do as a child. It was this very inquiry that preceded the brilliance of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros coming into existence.

Conventional wisdom tells us there is a path that we should all be following. It defines the course of acceptable action that many of us have grown up anticipating as we move through the educational system and into the world of adulting. The degree to which you can tune out social media messaging and turn up your own voice will dictate the amount of space you have to discover your own path.

In Ebert’s case, his process of embracing the unknown was to go into an incubation-like stage. He turned off everything imaginable to discover his own version of professionalism. Perhaps you’re not completely off the grid, but is there something in your life you’d like to redefine or restructure?

How do you know if you’re on the right path?

It’s a courageous, and sometimes seemingly impossible, feat to hit the pause button for many. Uncertainty may be an indication of the fear of change, but by relaxing some specific expectations you have about how you want things to be you may receive information that may have been unintentionally blocked by having blinders on. Call them synchronicities or unexplainable coincidences, Ebert believes that by changing your mindset you can and will open new doors that may not have been seen in your resistance. He also has to actively remind himself to choose a different course of action when he notices himself gripping to a specific outcome. His personal reminder is to breathe in love and breathe out self-celebration.

If you’re following Ebert’s advice, you’ll know that you’re here doing the very thing you were put on this Earth to do and not worry too much about the outcome. The right path for you is not necessarily right for anyone else.

How do you stay determined through thick and thin?

Fulfilling your greatest dreams and desires may not win the hearts of the masses overnight. Day in, day out choosing to cultivate a foundation that you can stand on will likely not look like a cookie cutter, manufactured success. Like many impact-oriented entrepreneurs, the analogy of success can be compared to that of nature. It takes time to seed, nurture, tend, and gently encourage the beauty of your vision into existence. From his own experience, Ebert shares that the slow burn fosters a deeper understanding of your ripple effect due to the intimate time you’ve spent integrating and aligning along the way.

When Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros first released their now world-famous song “Home” it was by no means an immediate hit that went viral. Over the course of ten years, the song eventually gained traction to become the household favorite we known and love today. It wasn’t smooth sailing over those years, but their deep-rooted self-belief was what catalyzed a greater reward through the criticism and doubts.

What is it that you can stand by? Sure, you may get knocked over a few times, you may wobble, but the depth of your roots will establish the foundation and stability through the tough times. Find the victory and self-celebration within. Trust your process and believe that the wisdom you hold is of profound value no matter what.