Dear Listeners

I am on a mission to inspire and empower people to create a life by their own design. As a natural storyteller, I use my music as a tool to give others permission, or as I like to say; “per-my-mission”, to live life from their greatest gifts and self expression. For me, this album touches both the light and the dark of life and symbiotically brings them together in harmony.  

– Jules Schroeder

Behind The Songs


This song encourages the listener to spread their wings,take up more space, and to ask for more. Fly is one of those tracks that has a little bit of everything… warm and empowering vocals, with guitar riff’s, flutes , piano and the saxophone all brought to the table and playing a part.

Everything & Nothing

Everything and Nothing is a reminder of impermanence, where you learn to physically let go of what you love but still continue to hold the lessons and experience gracefully within your soul. 

Love it Forward

 Love doesn’t last, its infinite and abundant, a river that keeps recycling its own water. Love is meant to be shared, to be given as a gift and to be recycled and used over and over again. Love it Forward has a catchy vocals with inspiring instrumentals that will easily get caught in your head as you sing it to your loved ones.   


Monsters is about the polarity between your head and your heart. Your heart actually needs pain to be a heart at all. Pain is a great teacher, a great healer and above all, a great lover. 


Portal opens in a minor key and is a whirlwind of emotion throughout the track. Taking you on a journey of love, loss and ultimately renewal.