Jules Schroeder is an artist from Boulder, Colorado who’s voice melds between the stylings of Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, and Adele.

She has a unique sound blending roots, blues, and soul. Inspired by her experiences of love, death, and freedom, Jules’ music transports the audience through an emotional and timeless journey.

Jules’ is gifted with an ability to channel and transmit songs at the moment, composing full songs live, on the spot, co-creating with her audience. Having performed at the United Nations, SAP Next Gen, and venues internationally, Jules has been ranked by Inc. Magazine as #1 of the “Top 27 Female Entrepreneurs Changing the World”. She is a mission and visionary who uses her music as a bridge to impact and encourage others to create a life by their own design and awaken to their true purpose.


Jules has always been a natural-born leader who has believed in serving something larger than herself.  It wasn’t until she had a near-death experience a few years ago after a wake boarding accident that she had a direct encounter with that “something” and got connected to what her work on earth was really about. 

She was coming out of the MRI in the hospital room and saw a white figure come towards her and a council of six black-shadow members.  Jules heard a voice that said “You have more work to do here, do you want to do it?” They thought her neck may have been broken and she may have been paralyzed. She said yes, “As long as I don’t come back as a vegetable” and was instantly zapped back into her body and felt this energy forge her neck back together and shoot down her spine.

Since that moment Jules has been clear her life is being being through her rather than by her.  With this vision she created Unconventional Life, a Forbes column, top-ranked podcast, and live-events company to encourage others to take the path less traveled. She has reached millions of people in over 75 different countries using her music as a tool to connect and impact people further on her mission.

Artist Fun Fact

For Jules music started at an early age, having auditioned and appeared on American Idol. She always has been a lyricist and vocalist with an innate ability to create melodies and hooks off of just about anything. Jules has a gifted stage presence with an ability to make any audience feel connected, inspired, and right “at home”. Jules is a powerhouse and an absolute inspiration  to co-create with.